Flexible Magic Line LED Light Strip

July 12, 2018

Anywhere from California to Florida, you see LED light strips in business windows.  Drawing attention to your business can always be a battle.  The moment you have a great idea you start seeing it everywhere around town.  When selecting lighting products, you should always keep this in mind:  Today’s LED technology is moving so fast it’s good to keep your options open.  When it comes to LED Light strips, Action Lighting’s Flexible Magic Line LED Light Strip has you covered. …

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Mardi Gras Lights

Hello and welcome back to the Action Lighting blog.  Today we are talking about Mardi Gras lights.  What?  Mardi Gras lights?  Yes, that’s right Action Lighting is the Hallmark of the lighting world.  If we can light up a holiday then that’s what we…

February 3, 2017

New Years Resolutions

Welcome back to the Action Lighting blog.  Here at Action Lighting we would like to wish you the best in 2017.   As the bustle of the Holidays winds down we all become a bit introspective thinking about all that happened in the past year. …

January 6, 2017

SMD Neon Rope Lighting

Welcome back to the Action Lighting blog.  I wanted to let everyone know about some exciting new products.  I think we all love the glow and nostalgia associated with neon lights.  We are very excited to bring to market a great new SMD Neon…

August 24, 2016

Decorating Ideas for Memorial Day

Welcome back to the Action Lighting blog filled with exciting ideas for your lighting needs this summer.  Memorial Day is the holiday that marks the beginning of summer.  More importantly Memorial Day is when we take some time out of our lives to remember…

May 18, 2016

Happy Easter Lights!

Welcome back to the Action Lighting blog.   The other day while walking through the office I saw a pile of brightly colored jelly beans sitting on a desk.  Memories flooded into my head.  I could almost smell the vinegar from dyeing eggs and the…

March 15, 2016

Irish Pride.

With the passing of New Year’s, it’s a sign spring is around the corner.  I know you just got your Christmas decorations put away, but there are still some opportunities to decorate if you are a true lighting enthusiast.  In Montana, the largest holiday…

February 17, 2016

Holiday Lights

Tips for Perfecting your Christmas Lights Tis the season for festive parties and holiday lights. There’s still time to perfect your exterior Christmas lights for the perfect holiday house glow. Create sleek lines by outlining your room and house exterior. Make sure to pin…

December 14, 2015

Deck the Halls in Style this Christmas

Christmas Lights Are Coming With Thanksgiving mere weeks away, festive decorators across the country are gearing up to outfit their house with amazing Christmas lights. Once a year these masters of light and spectacle are given the chance to wow neighbors and passers-by with…

November 10, 2015